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Quality and environment policy

Our business philosophy is based on the customer satisfaction while respecting the legislation and the interests of owners, employees, suppliers and the wider community. Balancing the demands and expectations of all interested parties, our company creates a favorable environment for quality management and environmental protection.

With the constant efforts of our management and employees in the company, we have ensured adequate participation in the market and we are constantly trying to expand.

By improving and controling our processes, effectively communicating within and outside the organization , we strive to achieve continuous growth and development.

To meet customer needs, as a priority for quality and environmental protection, our company does the following:

- implements and constantly improves an adequate system for quality management and environmental protection

- all employees must be competent for the tasks they perform and they have to perform the tasks strictly and according to prescribed procedures until they are not changed, in accordance with the needs of our partners

- ensure the quality of our products which meet the demands of our customers

- provide competitive price and terms of payment

- ensure delivery in time and on the place, when and where the customer wants

- protect the working and life environment, while respecting the legal provisions

- identifying significant aspects and impacts on the environment

- continuous analysis of the environmental aspects

- continuous improvement and prevention of harmful effects on the environment

Based on the things mentioned above and applying it in practice, the company ATT Ltd managed to build a recognizable name.

Our company has gained the trust of customers and has taken the appropriate part on the market.

Date: 1 January, 2018                                                                                                                   Director

                                                                                                                                                  Adnan Telalović

ATT Ltd.

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  • +387 30 266 588
  • +387 30 266 588
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